Intelligent mobility management

Mobility is the core competence of our region; the mobility industry and research are key drivers of economic growth and employment.

We support businesses in the automotive industry with relocating here and building networks. Together with our networking partners, we initiate and realize groundbreaking mobility concepts to meet the challenges of ever increasing amounts of traffic. We have created platforms to develop new mobility technologies and test them in practical experiments.

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  • ITS mobility

    The “ITS mobility” network aggregates knowledge from the mobility industry at the national and international level. Among other activities, the network organizes member meetings and company visits, hosts technical conferences and participates in specialist exhibitions. The organization has 200 members from research institutions, the industry, public associations and administration in Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Alliance for Intelligent Mobility

    The Alliance for Intelligent Mobility in Lower Saxony bundles activities in the areas of state-of-the-art mobility services, digitization of vehicles and traffic control and autonomous mobility. The project partners coordinate insights from research and the industry to drive new developments by means of a goal-oriented transfer of knowledge. International meetings, conferences, workshops and trade exhibitions serve as platforms for a global exchange of ideas and experiences.