For a livable region

Our region is highly diverse and offers a wide variety of leisure opportunities: hiking and cycling between the Harz mountains and the Lüneburg heath, historical palaces and castles, museums and cultural treasures, as well half-timber old towns and modern cities that invite visitors to stroll.

Both families and individuals find an environment with a high quality of life here. We work to maintain this environment and further enhance its attractiveness to both visitors and residents.

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  • World Heritage information centers

    The Rammelsberg mine, the historic town of Goslar and the Upper Harz Water Regale are UNESCO World Heritage sites – cultural highlights of our region that deserve recognition among both visitors and residents. We work together with a local foundation to increase this recognition. The initial plan is to create three World Heritage information centers, a mobile info station, World Heritage experience trails and signage. 

  • Paläon

    The “paläon” Schöningen spears research and visitor center in Helmstedt county presents humanity's oldest preserved hunting weapons. The spears were found in the Schöningen open-pit mine in 1994 and are estimated to be 300,000 years old by experts. We were partners in the project development, among other things taking charge of the pre-opening marketing process. Today, we support paläon as a shareholding partner.